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With Dr Bec & Dr Aisha

With Dr Bec & Dr Aisha

With Dr Bec & Dr AishaWith Dr Bec & Dr Aisha

About us, but really its about you!


Your body and brain are AMAZING!

We find so much joy in working with pregnant women, bubs, kids, mums, dads and those who love a good training session!


The way we can all pick up a delicious cup of coffee (or tea or turmeric latte or orange mocha frappuccino), bring it perfectly up to our lips and take a sip, then gently place the cup back down. How cleverly our bodies are calibrated so we don't accidently throw our cup up in the air so its hits the roof - That would be ridiculous right? Not to mention frustrating. 

The beauty is in WHY we lift that cup just right. 

We don't even think about it.

This is a simple example of our bodies and brains CONSTANTLY working together to create movement and function ALL DAY LONG. 

Other examples are bending and lifting at work, sitting at a desk holding your head up to the screen, holding and feeding your baby, simply walking when you're pregnant, kids trying to balance on the gutter, going from sitting to standing. 

We barely even notice that we are doing these things - we just do them, we just get on with it.

Sometimes these simple tasks can become uncomfortable. This can be due to a range of reasons. These reasons may include the development of a repetitive strain injury, spinal joint irritation (for example a spinal facet syndrome), migraine headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder or knee pain and the list goes on. 

Your spinal function impacts your brain function - meaning if your spine is not working optimally, your brain may have trouble working optimally too.

Research is showing that Chiropractic adjustments can change how your brain processes information. Chiropractic adjustments may change brain function. 

Research results are demonstrating that a chiropractic adjustment may create better muscle control (increased strength in the legs), better pelvic floor control and clearer sense of joint position of the arms and legs. 

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